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day of thanks

Six months. Half a year. Two seasons. 182.5 days. This is the time that stands between today and the last time Yang and I were together. Somewhat of a coincidence that today is also day of thanks? I’d call it poetic. Thanksgivings are meant to be epic and while all rohiniandyang reunions are pretty much bfd, today’s is particularly historic. This latest period of separation is the longest Yang and I have ever been apart. If the numerous ways I spelled out six months didn’t hammer it home, this might make it a bit clearer.

Things Yang and I were not together for:

– Comeback of pop star Enrique Iglesias
– Bristol Palin’s dancing debut
– Brett Favre’s public nudity debut
– The announcement of a soon-to-come royal wedding
– 33 Chilean miners, status: trapped
– 33 Chilean miners, status: rescued
– The on screen escalation of drama in the Jacob-Bella-Edward love triangle (we’re Team Jacob)
– The beginning of the end: HP7 world premiere
– Swiftenhaal
– The anti-semitic fall of Rick Sanchez’s journalism career
– America’s loss of political sensibility (a.k.a. change of power in the House…Yang the journalist remains neutral on the matter)
– First set of parent/teacher conferences for Ms. Murali
– Yang’s first business trip
– Eva Longoria and Tony Parker split
– Addition of a Bieber cut to the Glee cast
– Willow Smith joins the fam in reaching famedom

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you’re as thankful today as we are.


a letter home

Dear Colorado,

I return to you after four months of crawling on elbows and knees through the trenches of our educational battlefield.  Was I victorious?  Jury’s still out.  I certainly have the battle wounds that accompany any truly challenging fight.  Four months of aiming for distant targets, dodging Crayola bullets and blindly trudging through unfamiliar territory have left me tired and tense.  Dark circles and tightened back muscles, however, say little about just how grueling the fight has been.  True battle wounds penetrate past bone and flesh to spirit and I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that my spirit is bruised from this fight.  But unlike never-ending backaches and constant exhaustion, metaphysical injuries have proven easier to heal, particularly when treated with a dose of recollection and reflection.  Even now, worn out from two very tough weeks, I can’t help but flashback to this afternoon when two goofy 6th graders pretended that Kit Kat bars were cell phones which they used to converse about pickles and squirrels across the room.  Kit Kat convos are nothing short of smile inducing.

So, to my dear home state, my request is simple.  Give me sleep, quality Yang time and a full body massage and I’ll make sure to keep the spirits up.  I return for my second tour in T minus 4 days and I plan on really bringing the fight this time.


Ms. M

P.S. I’d take a Chipotle burrito bowl in place of the full body massage.  No lettuce, guac on the side, extra sour cream.  Thanks.

P.P.S.  I promise lighter, more humorous writing in the future.