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remember myspace?

don’t you wish you didn’t?

if you’re in your early 20s (or late 40s, depending on your motive), the answer to both of these questions is probably yes, because like me, you weren’t active on myspace long, but it was long enough to catch you at your most hormonal/emotional and when you were most guilty of oversharing.

i managed to suppress this time capsule of my awkward teenage years until this morning, when a coworker mentioned the outdated social network in conversation. this sudden reminder prompted me to log in to my long dormant account. what i found wasn’t pretty and i’ve been hiding my face in my palm ever since.

there’s this for instance

one of my more controversial senior pictures. the caption reads, “this is not a slutty picture.” now that i’m older and wiser, i see this for what it is. my photographer had an asian fetish and i was his naive victim.

then there’s the long list of infinitives under my interests: “kite flying…giggling, joking, playing, kissing, loving, being.” kite flying? giggling? being? i now have barfing on the mind.

needing a break from 17-year old me, i decided to look for evidence of rohini’s past. i was disappointed but not in the least surprised that rohini, the forward thinking girl that she is, was smart enough to delete her myspace account long ago. i’m finally following in her footsteps, but not before posting a few more highlights. what can i say? i’m a nostalgic softy, even for the painfully embarrassing artifacts of my childhood.

– a few things from the long ‘about me’ section:

I believe
…friends are the greatest assets, and i am rich in true friends
…life is a song, God’s love is the music
…it is every girl’s right to be a princess
…the OC awakens the soul
…1 Corinthians 13

i used to be an avid listener of christian radio and obsessive watcher of dramatic teen television shows. i’m still guilty of the latter.

– on may 28, 2005, I quoted dr. seuss in a blog title “don’t cry because it’s over. smile because it happened.” yes, i did the unthinkable, in 575 words, i shared my first ever breakup for all to see. here’s an excerpt:

“It would be so easy for me to cry right now, but instead i think i’ll channel it into an art piece i am very pleased with. So you’ll have to excuse me.”

at least i was polite.

– high school boyfriend and i got back together the next day. i’m a little disappointed that i left the reconciliation unblogged.  BUT devout christian teen me did choose to quote a few choice words on love from a Rabbi Julius Gordon two days later.

“Love is not blind – it sees more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less.”

now that i’ve shared an abridged version of my teenage years for your amusement, i can delete my myspace account in good conscience. i’d also like to take this moment to say a few thank yous. thank you nyu for accepting me and for providing me with the email address i needed to get a facebook account. thank you mark zuckerberg for creating facebook and saving me from myself.  thank you god, adolescence is just a phase.

myspace account deleted.


the teacher snow day

i have lived in st. louis for about 6 months now. monday night was the first time i sat down, turned on my television and flipped past a gossip girl re-run to watch the local news. my motive? the weatherman. his prognosis? predicted snowfall of up to 6 inches.

for the college student or working adult, which i presume most of the readers of this blog must be, snowfall is a pain in the ass. walking to your classes or commuting to work can be treacherous and may lead to severe rear end damage (on both humans and automobiles).

for teachers and pre-college scholars, snowfall is a matter of religion. “please dear god, let it snow, let it snow, LET IT SNOW!”

well in the city of st. louis (and for you lucky bastards in atlanta who have it even better), god(s) heard our prayers. yesterday, january 11, 2011 was ms. murali’s first snow day.

the teacher snow day

– wake up to hear best news of the day
– fall back asleep until noon
– gchat with yang
– leisurely reading under comfy blanket
– pleasant lunch date with roomie
– netflix
– wordfeud explosion on my phone (if you have a droid, download this app and challenge me)
– plan time

the student snow day (flashback to rohini circa 2004)

– wake up to the sound of parent’s loud voice
– fall back asleep upon hearing what loud voice is sharing
– complete unfinished homework assignments taking up left half of bed
– shovel driveway
– walk to yang’s house, three streets down from mine (how convenient for two best friends…this will be chapter 1 of the future rohiniandyang bestseller)
– watch episodes of chinese television series, ‘meteor garden’
– eat flamin hot cheetos (heats the soul right up)
– take a nap in yang’s bed
– get picked up on now cleared roads

teacher snow days rank pretty much right up there with student snow days with one exception. i’d like to look three streets down from my apartment and see dupont circle instead of a jack in the box. i suppose our gchat convos will have to suffice for now.

as for yesterday: to the big guys up there, you did well. it was bomb.

one year anniversary

when rohini and i realized that we almost let the one year anniversary of our blog pass us by without us even noticing, we knew that something had gone horribly wrong.

this time last year, two best friends on their third week of winter break decided to start a blog detailing their long-distance relationship. nothing seemed more important than writing entries for their new joint web venture. for weeks and months, they blogged often and with haste, leaving many of their facebook friends no choice but to block their incessant blog updates from their news feeds. the blog meant so much to them that when faced with the choice of continuing with her thesis or writing for the blog, rohini chose the latter. how then did these two girls let the blogging fall so behind?

i could give you a long list of reasons why and how we let real life get in the way of our online discourse. sure, i could blame it on the demands of work, school, boys and general exhaustion, but in the spirit of the newly minted year, we’re dropping those excuses and thinking positive. tonight, we begin our blog’s new year by making it a point to blog more often. yes, life is busy, but when you’ve just watched 10 consecutive hours of ‘friday night lights’ on your computer (aka the entire third season of a show based on football, a sport that you don’t even understand. what’s a field goal?), you can probably spare enough time to knock out a few blog posts every once in a while.

let’s face it. rohini and i have something very special going for us, and a year ago we decided our friendship was so important that we had to get all PDA and in your face with our love for each other. our friendship is as important now as it was back then, and there’s absolutely no reason why our blog shouldn’t reflect that. plus we’ve got another vegas trip in the works and you know we’re gonna want to blog about that.

with all of that said, happy one year anniversary to us! we wish you all a very happy new year!