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the teacher snow day

i have lived in st. louis for about 6 months now. monday night was the first time i sat down, turned on my television and flipped past a gossip girl re-run to watch the local news. my motive? the weatherman. his prognosis? predicted snowfall of up to 6 inches.

for the college student or working adult, which i presume most of the readers of this blog must be, snowfall is a pain in the ass. walking to your classes or commuting to work can be treacherous and may lead to severe rear end damage (on both humans and automobiles).

for teachers and pre-college scholars, snowfall is a matter of religion. “please dear god, let it snow, let it snow, LET IT SNOW!”

well in the city of st. louis (and for you lucky bastards in atlanta who have it even better), god(s) heard our prayers. yesterday, january 11, 2011 was ms. murali’s first snow day.

the teacher snow day

– wake up to hear best news of the day
– fall back asleep until noon
– gchat with yang
– leisurely reading under comfy blanket
– pleasant lunch date with roomie
– netflix
– wordfeud explosion on my phone (if you have a droid, download this app and challenge me)
– plan time

the student snow day (flashback to rohini circa 2004)

– wake up to the sound of parent’s loud voice
– fall back asleep upon hearing what loud voice is sharing
– complete unfinished homework assignments taking up left half of bed
– shovel driveway
– walk to yang’s house, three streets down from mine (how convenient for two best friends…this will be chapter 1 of the future rohiniandyang bestseller)
– watch episodes of chinese television series, ‘meteor garden’
– eat flamin hot cheetos (heats the soul right up)
– take a nap in yang’s bed
– get picked up on now cleared roads

teacher snow days rank pretty much right up there with student snow days with one exception. i’d like to look three streets down from my apartment and see dupont circle instead of a jack in the box. i suppose our gchat convos will have to suffice for now.

as for yesterday: to the big guys up there, you did well. it was bomb.


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