long-distance relationship

best friends makin' it work

high school sweethearts

while cleaning out my room I happened to glance through my photo albums to find this gem.


we got hitched and a polaroid camera captured the moment.  til death do us part, baby.

on another note, looking at this picture reminded me that my sense of fashion has come a long way since senior year of high school.  i now know that all cargo pants should be packed up and shipped off to a land of fashion don’ts.  2011 has certainly been a much more fashionable year for rohinianyang than 2006 was, so be on the lookout for our take on this year’s summer styles.


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  Kaile wrote @

Ha ha love the picture. I have one from my sophomore year when I was dating Ross. That was the only after prom I went to. Senior year… well I won’t bring up the dramatic story but I ended up sneaking a 22 year old Hispanic guy in as a 17 year old blonde white guy from Regis. Got away with it for the last 20 minutes of the dance but then wasn’t allowed to get into after prom. The quote was something about the lines of “Nice try Wilson… get out of here.” from our old assistant principal.

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