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happy chinese new year!

as proud dragons, rohini and i want to personally wish you all a happy (albeit slightly belated) and prosperous chinese new year!

since we’re both falling short of our resolutions outlined in this post, we’re conveniently recalibrating our new year’s clock to everyone’s favorite, or in many cases only known, chinese holiday. this affords us a nice fresh start.

and if we’re feeling really desperate, we have as our backup tamil new year in mid-april to reset the clocks one last time. make that another thing to add to this list of pros of having an indian best friend.

this little greeting isn’t completely without a news peg either. this third day of the new lunar year is also my chinese birthday. so happy birthday to me! i didn’t have time to prepare the customary egg and noodle birthday meal and let’s be honest, i’d rather not make this meal.  so i treated myself to a chipotle dinner instead. it’s time i start some chinese traditions of my own.

chinese new year fact: when the year falls on your sign as it does every twelve years, custom dictates that you should wear red on your body at all times to ward off evil spirits and bad luck. i only have a limited number of red dresses (four to be exact, all recently acquired), so guess who just purchased a hundred dollars worth of red underwear?

rohini and i wish you 新年快樂 and hope you’ll treat yourself to some of your favorite chinese foods. ours are traditional delicacies: sweet and sour chicken and vegetable lo mein.


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