long-distance relationship

best friends makin' it work

about us

welcome to rohiniandyang.wordpress.com!

we’ve been best friends for 12 years and have lived in different cities for 6 and half of them. our friendship has gotten stronger with each year.

this blog is dedicated to our long-distance relationship, our musings, funny thoughts, and adoration for one another.

this blog is not a woe-is-us blog. we aren’t using this as a medium to complain about life and feel sorry about ourselves. life can get you down, but we believe we have much to be grateful for (afterall, we do have each other). we hope reading about our antics will put a smile on your face.

a little about us

rohini and yang were laredo middle school students, lms tv reporters, debate partners, kindness award recipients, awkward teenagers, smoky hill high school ib students, and filmmakers.

rohini and yang are best friends, confidantes, shopping partners, soul mates,  each other’s wingmen, and damn good dancers.

rohini and yang will be world travelers, the next oprah & gayle, published authors, role models, mothers, business partners, bar owners, philanthropists, and best friends forever.


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  leslie granstrom wrote @

I was feeling blue when I decided to take a look at your website. I am subscribing to your blog and can’t wait to watch the rohini & yang award-winning tv show, read your pulitzer prize books, be warmed by the smiles of your precious children, hear about the hope you have brought the world by your generous and steadfast hearts and toast to your great friendship in your tavern.

I don’t feel so blue anymore…not possible after visiting with you here. Merci beaucoup.

Avec amicalement, toujours, leslie

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