long-distance relationship

best friends makin' it work


no. this is not a typo. similar to our ‘aspirations’ page, this page is also dedicated to our future ambitions and dreams…

hooking up with hot / sexy celebrities.

any posts in this section will feature our newest crushes and loves and our devious plans to win them over. we swear to god(s) we will hunt you down if we find out you’ve hooked up with any of these men. all hell will break loose if we hear you used our schemes to get them. we’re aiming for a 75% success rate. wish us luck.

Conan O’Brien –

Sigh, we have missed seeing his beautiful Irish face in our nighttime lineup.  Conan is both awkwardly tall and strikingly pale, but he has a humor, charm and sexiness that can’t be topped.  What will we do for the next six months without him?  Not sure, but it may involve cardboard cutouts.  And someday we hope that one us will be lucky enough to mother his red-headed babies.

Mark Sanchez –

At a time when the NFL seems to be the club of aging, graying refuse-to-retire quarterbacks, Mark Sanchez has brought some young, hot blood to the table.  While we appreciate his talent, we enjoy him best off the field, without helmet, when we can see his chiseled jaw in full view.  Sanchez pulls off the rugged bearded look quite well, though we personally prefer him clean shaven.

Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder –

We did our best to resist the vampire craze, but the Salvatore brothers of Vampire Diaries made it difficult, scratch that, impossible.  They may play thirsty bloodsuckers, but after an episode the only thing you’ll be thinking about it is how much you’d like a bite on the neck.  We’re slightly ashamed to be so addicted to a CW show, but believe us, these gentlemen are worth it.

Matthew Goode

His last name says it all…this guy is good.  The charming British accent and twinkling eyes let you look past his somewhat British teeth.  More importantly, MG’s humor, of the witty and sarcastic nature, will crack you up and have you swooning at the same time.  For a serious flick check out A Single Man with Colin Firth, but if you just want to sit back and sigh, we recommend Chasing Liberty.  Silly, but sexy.

Christian Bale

Although he doesn’t know it yet, Christian Bale aka Batman aka Bruce Wayne will take Yang as his second and last wife. Yang first fell in love with Christian after seeing him star in the sci-fi action flick Equilibrium. As one of the few true method actors left in Hollywood, Mr. Bale is also one of the greatest actors of his generation. To see Christian at his best check out The Machinist, Rescue Dawn, American Psycho, Batman Begins and the Dark Knight. Skip Terminator Salvation, even Christian and the next person on our ‘asspiration’ list couldn’t save that movie.

Sam Worthington

Breakout actor Sam Worthington is worthy of our praise and adulation. Look at that face! You can still catch him on the big screen in Avatar. His Na’vi self ain’t bad either. We can’t wait to see him show off his god-like figure in Clash of the Titans. Did someone mention a sword-wielding, leg-baring Sam Worthington? Sign us up.

Chris Pine

We jumped on the Chris Pine bandwagon long before he donned the Star Trek uniform. He first took our hearts opposite Anne Hathaway as Lord Devereaux in Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. We even endured Lindsay Lohan’s Just My Luck to catch another glimpse of him. We are very happy for him and his newfound success. We look forward to seeing his beautiful face and hearing his silky voice for many years to come.



  teesa wrote @

soooooo happy to see sam worthington.

  Onjet wrote @

I noticed there aren’t Bollywood hunks on here. Why not?

  Onjet wrote @

By the way, has Yang dated any Indian guys or Rohini any Chinese guys?

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