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karate kid

From a text message chain on June 13th at approx 11:30pm

Y: Karate kid is so so so good. You have to see it.

R: I can’t wait to see it might not be for a while though because they have like every minute mapped out for us. How was jaden? I love him.

Y: So so great. Such a great movie. Loved it. Love Jackie.

R: I’d like him to be my mentor

Y: Jackie chan deserves an Oscar for this movie. I mean that. You know how we felt after akeelah and the bee? I feel that way about this. What is it about us and movies about underprivileged black kids defeating the odds?

R: We can relate to them with our own life struggles. How many times did they tell us a Chinese and Indian girl can’t debate together? Our lives are a movie about underprivileged black kids beating the odds

Y: Well said, sir. Well said.

With that said, go see this movie!


the pot calling the kettle black

a moment or two ago, i decided to go through old rohiniandyang gchat transcripts to find funny nuggets (good luck tonight to the denver sports team of the same name) worth sharing, but before i ever made it to our exhaustive chat log, i got sidetracked and read through a conversation i had with a former boyfriend. reading over it was nostalgic, heartwarming and a little sad. given the overwhelming expression of love and devotion, an objective, cynic outsider would not be incorrect in labeling it “nauseating.”  *sigh… oh how good it was to be in love… anyway, as i quickly came back to the reality that is the loveofmylifeless present day, i chose to share an excerpt with rohini. the text in question will remain for our eyes only, but please take a look at the following conversation between your two favorite best friend bloggers.

A Gchat conversation from 4/28/10 @ approx 5:20pm

Rohini: i think i just threw up a little in my mouth
me: hahaha
Rohini: from overuse of the words
love you
and beautiful
to be fair

me: loves makes you say styupid things
Rohini: if you read through our conversations
me: hahahahaha
Rohini: they might look
me: true
Rohini: similar
me: or worse
true true true
Rohini: so much worse

she has a point. the “so much worse” conversations that rohini speaks of have been purposely excluded from this blog, severely limiting what we can post from our instant messaging, because if we ever did, we would likely lose all readership. these are just some of the many editorial choices we have to make, because let’s face it, when you and your best friend have a blog that is dedicated entirely to your long distance best friendship, there’s no need to re-emphasize your love for one another.

let me take this moment to thank all of our readers :) thank you for keeping your gag reflex in check.

hump day

in case you and Rohini are in the same motor-less, oar-less boat –

Main Entry: hump day
Part of Speech: n
Definition: the middle of the workweek, usu. Wednesday
Example: We’re on the other side of hump day, with the weekend in sight.
Etymology: 1965; seen as the hill to get over to the weekend

A Gchat conversation from 4/21/10 @ approx 9:12am

me: long week
i cant wait to be with you
Rohini: i know
such a long week

me: seriously
at least it’s hump day
Rohini: is it?
how do you know?

me: ?
Rohini: oh is every wednesday hump day?
me: yeah
Rohini: oh
i didn’t know that

me: its the middle day of the week
Rohini: lol
me: what the fuck?
Rohini: omg
i totally never understood
what that meant

me: hahahahhahahah
you dumbass
what did youthink it was
Rohini: lol
me: like a special day?
Rohini: yeah
like a holiday

i think we’ve had this confusion before but i pretended like i understood
me: hahahahaha. i love you.
this is going on the blog

happy to see that ivy league education is paying off.

happy hump day to everyone!

happy birthday, rohini!

April 20th means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. If you’re me and not a neo-Nazi pothead, 4-20 is cause for serious celebration (not that celebrating Hitler’s birthday and a day dedicated to getting stoned aren’t legitimate cause for a party). On April 20th, 1988 my best friend was born with a full head of curly black hair and 11 toes. I was a 2 month old baby at the time, living in the land of koalas and kangaroos. Did little me know I had a soul mate waiting for me in America? Certainly not, but life has a way of pleasantly surprising you.

What shouldn’t come as a surprise is Rohini’s wisdom and intelligence. If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you already know Rohini has a way with words unmatched by anyone. She already wrote a post highlighting some of the more memorable/fuzzy moments of her life at 21, so the following is a collection of some of her wisdom and maturity on display. Originally meant to be a list of 21 of Rohini’s best quotes, I came short of my goal because I wanted to get this thing posted as close to midnight as I possibly could, and it was starting to get a little long. So instead here are 12 quotes to commemorate the last 21 ages of Rohini’s life.

1. Rohini kinda sorta has a thing for the help. Whether the man in question is a dorm security guard, a bartender, a Moroccan bus driver’s short assistant or the busboy in a large Vegas nightclub, Rohini doesn’t discriminate between the many different fields of the service industry. She once explained this phenomenon with this quote: “I prefer my men either well educated or not educated at all, no middle ground.”

2. “I not sleep enough. That’s bad.” I already told the story behind this quote in From China with Love. Do I still find it funny? Yes. It’s been close to 3 years since she’s said it and is it still listed under my facebook quotes? Definitely.

3. I once told Rohini that I prefer men that aren’t incredibly fit or ripped, because while they’re nice to look at, being with one would just make me feel insecure about my own less than stellar body. Rohini, the great best friend that she is, told me she saw where I was coming from, but explained that when she is faced with men with impressive physiques, she finds comfort in reminding herself that she’s definitely the smarter and more educated of the two. If a hot guy ever asked her to get a gym membership, and let’s face it no guy would ever cite a grievance with those curves, but pretending they might, she has her response all ready to go: “honey, if I’m going to the gym, you’re going to school.”

4. From a past blog post kid in a candy shop. “Diversity. We uphold it in the workplace, we affirm it in our universities and we cherish it in Baskin Robbins’ 31 flavors. So why not maintain a bit of diversity in the love life?” – Rohini, civil rights activist.

5. “If you’re going to drink enough to throw up, you should drink enough to black out, because then you won’t be appalled by the taste of alcohol and can drink again the next day.” – Rohini on the afternoon of January 1st, 2010, as we made preparations to go back downtown later that night, less than 12 hours after the most colossal mess I had ever witnessed in my life.

6. When I look through someone’s profile pictures I’m allowed to judge as harshly as I want because a person’s profile picture is them putting their best forward so if that’s not even good then how can I not think they’re ugly.” So true.

7. From a recent blog post demonstrating our crusade to ‘stop the crop’ – “Go to your profile picture and drag that crop box out. Show us and the world who your beautiful friends are.” If you still have an atrocious tastelessly cropped picture, what are you doing? Why haven’t you taken our advice? Get rid of your crop failure.

8. Most people have their go-to pick up lines. Rohini has her go-to rejection line. “This is the cut, and this is you. You didn’t make the cut.”

9. In the not too distant past, I shared with Rohini my newfound appreciation for the moving elevator makeout. Soon after a fun time riding down to *G, Rohini and I had a quick text conversation where I highly encouraged she give it a shot. A couple of minutes later, I reminded her that since she’ll be teaching in a school next year, her only chances for a pulley-system makeout were in a residential building or a hotel, and that much of the excitement of making out in an elevator is the ‘forbidden’ element of doing it between the hours of 9 to 5 at work. Without missing a beat, Rohini responded with “If it’s with a hotel employee, it’s forbidden.” Please refer to #1 on this list.

10. “No looking back.” Rohini’s motto when it comes to men. She has an almost perfect track record. Almost perfect. Rohini also has a lot of mottos, sayings and slogans when it comes to men.

11. The Rohini Diet Plan – “Eat before drinking so that when you drink it will soak up the booze, and then eat after for the very same reason.”

12. And finally, a classic Rohiniism – “People should see the good, the bad and the ugly.”

On that note, happy birthday to my beautiful best friend! You are amazing and I cannot wait to properly celebrate with you come Friday.

Much love & affection,


our first ever gchat conversation

Rohini and I didn’t start conversing over Gchat until November 2008, and another seven months would pass before our second conversation. Gchat is now a daily ritual of ours since I can’t get on iChat from work, and I don’t know what I would do without it. Here is our first conversation from 11.13.08 at about 7pm EST.

me: rohini!
Rohini: OMG!

me: i’m almost never on gmail
Rohini: hahaha
me neither

me: i’m on a short break in teh middle of my class
and i thought i would check it
Rohini: haha aww yay
me: and then i saw that you were on
i see you in less than 2 weeks!
Rohini: I KNOWWW!

me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rohini: like seriously
me: we have to set up a time to see tafoya
7:02 PM Rohini: my next week is hell
me: and play monopoly with everyone
Rohini: oh yeah!
me: and go shopping
Rohini: we do !
i’m so excited

me: and watch movies
i know me too
Rohini: yeahhhh!
me: itll be great
Rohini: can you go for hsm3 agan?
with me?

me: of course
Rohini: haha good
i can’t wait


In case you didn’t already know, hsm3 is none other than High School Musical 3.

a winning picture

Britt, my new friend and colleague (left), is the proud owner of this new facebook profile picture taken by none other than yours truly. Getting him to change the picture to one where the central figure is Rohini, someone he met once on a night he has little recollection of, was no easy feat. But Rohini, with her wonderful mastery of persuasion, was able to talk some sense into him with the following email.

hi britt,

after sharing a night of tearing up the dance floor at peyote and shoving jumbo slices of pizza into our faces, i think i’m qualified to give you some unasked for life advice. your current facebook profile picture is fine. plain, simple, i could use a million different words to tell you how ordinary it is. the picture of you, me and brian, however, reeks of personality. it says, “this guy on the left, he can party like a rock star.” so, britt, i am graciously requesting that you change your profile picture to the one that makes you look like a winner.



p.s. yang told me she’s already asked you. i thought my extra insistence (and impeccable reasoning) might help persuade you.



I am so happy these days are behind me.

A Gchat conversation from 12/13/09 @ approx 7pm

Yang: you have to force me to finish this paper tonight
you hear me?
i have to
before i go to bed
Rohini: yes
yes i will
Yang: you have to force me to email you a copy
Rohini: it’s due tomorrow?
Yang: and it has to be 15 pages
plus bibliography
no it’s due tuesday
but i need to spend all of tomorrow studying for my other test
Rohini: right right
Yang: which i havent done
Rohini: you’re finishing it tonight
how much do you have done
Yang: um like 7 pages maybe
i dont know
if i were to doublepace
let me see
Rohini: yeah
that’s not bad
Yang: i might have 8
maybe 9 pages
Rohini: you’re halfway there
you’re totally finishing tonight

Yang: i must
i must
what’s your goal for tonight?
we have to keep each other accountable
Rohini: i’m going to finish reading everything
and start writing
once i start writing
i think i’ll be alright

Yang: so your goal is to read everything today?
no writing?
Rohini: no i’m starting to write tonight
by like 1 or 2
and we’ll see how much i can get out
Yang: how many pages
io’m making you email me
Rohini: i don’t know
like 5
i don’t know how doable that is

Yang: 5
you’re doing 5
Rohini: ok

Yang: actually no
i’ll give you 4
you are emaklin me
and you’ll have 4 double spaced pages
before bedtime
Rohini: hahaha

Yang: we have to do this
Rohini: bedtime
Yang: you have to keep me accountable
Rohini: that’s a good question
it might be like 5 in the morning

Yang: um
no doubt
at least 6

I didnt finish that paper that night and Rohini didnt get to 1 page, let alone 5.  But did I still graduate from an accredited university?  Yes.  Lessons to be learned: (1)Do the least you can do to get by and do it all while gchatting with your best friend, (2) Staying up until 5 in the morning is good fun, but always remember there are bigger more important things to do (refer to our aspirations and asspirations pages).

i went to bed before midnight last night. it was pretty amazing.