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a series of unfortunate events

…followed by one very fortunate event: my return to rohiniandyang the blog.

here’s the deal:

recently, i’ve taken to cautiously glancing over my shoulders to make sure i’m not being followed by a group of dark and thundering clouds.  the glance is more a metaphorical glance really…my response to a very unfortunate, very bad stroke of luck that I’ve had recently.  i’d rather not go into the gory details of what exactly has happened, though the stories are pretty ridiculous (a.k.a. hilarious), so ask yang to tell you about them.  let’s just sum it up by saying something was shredded, something had to be replaced, some things were taken, some things were lost, something had to be changed, something had to be replaced again, something was canceled, some more things were lost and most of these things i’d really like to forget (or laugh about).  either way it’s not important how i got here, just that i am here.  again.  for good.

everyone has those comfort items they turn to when the going gets tough (and the tough can’t always get going).  well i’m going to list mine.  christina aguilera’s “i turn to you” is playing in the background.

1. beary – my aptly named stuffed bear from childhood is my number one cuddle buddy and greatest confidante (after yang of course).

2. the dark knight – though the film is dark and twisted, batman is my favorite superhero and this is my favorite movie.  it doesn’t hurt that yang and i share a love for christian bale.

3. rainbow chip frosting – everyone has their comfort food.  mine happens to be sugary, colorful and easy to scoop from the jar.  after 10 to 15 spoonfuls i usually feel like vomiting from sugar overdose, but until that point it’s pretty satisfying.

4. family – though phone calls home often result in more stress than anything, being home is probably one of the best feelings in the world.  home also means colorado which i’m sure you all know by now to be the best state in the union.  they didn’t call them purple mountain majesties for no reason.

5. writing – while i don’t consider myself the best writer in the world, i enjoy putting words together whether that be in a blog post, essay or persuasive email to a friend.

6. yang – who better to turn to that my #1 best friend and mate in this long distance relationship?  they say it takes a village to raise a child.  well it took a yang to raise me (and a set of parents who i love as well…happy father’s day, dad).  i don’t want to imagine where i’d be without her.

looking over this list in my current position, i feel like i have two options: sugar comatosing on my couch, spooning a stuffed bear and intently watching the dark knight, or writing about yang and our promance.  i choose rohiniandyang (though a dark knight movie date may come later this summer).  the blog is back in business.


the teacher snow day

i have lived in st. louis for about 6 months now. monday night was the first time i sat down, turned on my television and flipped past a gossip girl re-run to watch the local news. my motive? the weatherman. his prognosis? predicted snowfall of up to 6 inches.

for the college student or working adult, which i presume most of the readers of this blog must be, snowfall is a pain in the ass. walking to your classes or commuting to work can be treacherous and may lead to severe rear end damage (on both humans and automobiles).

for teachers and pre-college scholars, snowfall is a matter of religion. “please dear god, let it snow, let it snow, LET IT SNOW!”

well in the city of st. louis (and for you lucky bastards in atlanta who have it even better), god(s) heard our prayers. yesterday, january 11, 2011 was ms. murali’s first snow day.

the teacher snow day

– wake up to hear best news of the day
– fall back asleep until noon
– gchat with yang
– leisurely reading under comfy blanket
– pleasant lunch date with roomie
– netflix
– wordfeud explosion on my phone (if you have a droid, download this app and challenge me)
– plan time

the student snow day (flashback to rohini circa 2004)

– wake up to the sound of parent’s loud voice
– fall back asleep upon hearing what loud voice is sharing
– complete unfinished homework assignments taking up left half of bed
– shovel driveway
– walk to yang’s house, three streets down from mine (how convenient for two best friends…this will be chapter 1 of the future rohiniandyang bestseller)
– watch episodes of chinese television series, ‘meteor garden’
– eat flamin hot cheetos (heats the soul right up)
– take a nap in yang’s bed
– get picked up on now cleared roads

teacher snow days rank pretty much right up there with student snow days with one exception. i’d like to look three streets down from my apartment and see dupont circle instead of a jack in the box. i suppose our gchat convos will have to suffice for now.

as for yesterday: to the big guys up there, you did well. it was bomb.


Snowpocalypse/snowmageddon/snowgasm/& snow my god! are finally over (for now). Thank you, God.

After spending the entirety of yesterday stuck inside the confines of my apartment, I got to go to work today. First thing on the agenda was to attend a press conference led by Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman to announce a new bill regarding US policy toward Iran. Personal politics aside, I like seeing these two men together.

After McCain made his opening statement, he took a step back from the podium and stood next to dear old Joe. Joey and Johnny shared a look. Joey gave Johnny a pat on the back. Then Joey and Johnny both smiled. It was adorable.

Seeing McCain and Lieberman made me think of other friendship duos that remind me a great deal of the bond Rohini and I share. Here are a few. Please feel free to share any others that come to mind.

Sigfried and Roy
Illusionists, entertainers, & white tiger breeders. Alright, so these two were a bad choice to start off the list since we have absolutely nothing in common with them, but when one of them isn’t being attacked by a white tiger they’re a really great team. Look at what I found when I did a little research on Wikipedia, ‘In the poker variant of Texas Hold ‘Em a pair of queens in the hole has the nickname of “Siegfried and Roy”.’ Usurping the thrones of these two queens and getting this hand named the “Rohini and Yang” is now going on the aspirations list. So what if I don’t know how to play the game.

Oprah & Gayle
We’ve made this comparison many times. I will be a newswoman turned billionaire talk-show host/media mogul & Rohini will be my best friend. Rohini’s got her end of the deal down. My end of the bargain might be a little harder to achieve.

Bert & Ernie
They sing songs and take baths together. Need I go on?

Harold & Kumar
If I weren’t so opposed to Doppelganger week, I would have changed my usual Rohini+Yang profile picture to a mugshot of these two pot-smoking bros.

The Coen Brothers
Many of you may not know this, but very much like these movie-making brothers, Rohini and I have also dabbled in the art of the moving picture. Our filmographies include An Unbeautiful Mind, ERoW: Euthanasia, Right or Wrong?, The Bachelor, I’m Stressed and I Don’t Know What to Do About It, & Horizontal Limit (in production since 2004). The box set will be out next Christmas.

Kermit & Ms. Piggy
Usually I would assign Rohini with the male role, but in this instance I better fit the part of the talented, much too loveable Kermit, and the oblivious, love-crazed Ms. Piggy is a dead ringer for Rohini.

Matt Damon & Ben Affleck
Colloquially known as “Matt and Ben” these childhood best friends have been co-stars, co-Oscar winners & each other’s co-pilots. While Rohini and I might have trouble matching them on the first two, we’re certainly pulling off the last of the three pretty well.

Nick & Joe Jonas
What about Kevin? Let’s be honest, just like we don’t care about the oldest of the international musical brothers sensation, Joe and Nick don’t either.

I could go on and on, but I’ll leave the other famous duos for a later post. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’d like it very much if my name could always be associated with Rohini’s. And every time my name is spoken, I’d hope that any mention of Rohini would only be a few sentences away. And if we don’t become famous best friends on our own terms, my name will always follow Rohini’s when they finally legalize gay marriage. Ba dum bum ching!

warm thoughts

When the weather outside is brutally cold it is rather difficult to think about anything other than the fact that ten minutes ago I couldn’t feel my face.  Even now lying in the warmth of my bed, I have yet to recover from the Rudolph Red Nose syndrome that accompanies such frigid temperatures.  As the number one topic on my mind, I have, over the course of the day, voiced several complaints that in some form or other communicate the sentiment “Fuck, it’s cold.”  And for some reason, the number one response to my frosty frustration was “Wait, Rohini, aren’t you from Colorado?”  Yes, I am.  What the hell does that have to do with anything?

After four years of attending school in Providence (and Yang attending school in New York) I’ve come to realize that East Coasters have little to no clue about what Colorado is like.  We are not all the skiing mountain men who eat trail mix and beef jerky while singing Kumbaya by the campfire.  Well, okay, Yang does love her beef jerky, and I enjoy the occasional bowl of trail mix, but the rest of it, hell no.  And contrary to popular belief, this Colorado “cold” has not transformed our normal human skin into blubber.  My fellow Coloradans, I sincerely hope you never have to suffer the same annoying presumptions we have had to endure.  But if ever approached with the “Aren’t you from Colorado?” tude, no need to worry.  You can steal from some of the comeback responses I’ve had to use.

– It’s ten degrees below zero.  The only Coloradan who doesn’t mind this temperature is the resident polar bear at the Denver Zoo.  And I’m pretty sure he’s from the Arctic.

– Fuck you.  Can I have my gloves back?

– We get 300 days of sunshine every year.  The other 60, I wear a coat.

– I’m Indian…and I’m not homeless.

– You’re from California.  Why are you sweating?

– Last I checked we still have heaters in our cars and homes.  Oh, and other than my standard weekly snowshoeing escapade, I don’t WALK OUTSIDE in the WINTER.

– See that flame in the middle of the Kumbaya-singing group?  It’s a fire.

– No verbal response.  Shove ignorant comment maker into a mound of snow and run for it (physical exercise will warm your body right up).

Please feel free to use some or all of these responses (My personal favorite is the last one.  Bonus points if you make that happen).  It’s time for us to set the world straight.  When I say I have cold feet, it’s not because the thick-skinned Coloradan is hesitating on the decision-making front.  My fucking feet are cold.

My nose is slightly less rouge now than when I began to write this post.  I can therefore shift my complaining to more important subjects (i.e. my thesis, school, the rundown state of our apartment, money, the geographical distance between myself and Yang, and Camilla Parker Bowles).