long-distance relationship

best friends makin' it work

google plus

new to google+?  so are we.

gchat conversation on july 11, 2011
Yang: i dont get google+
  but whatever
Rohini: i don’t fully get it either
  i think it might be easier
  for some things
Yang: ugh why would **** add me
Rohini: well guess what
  you can put him in a loser circle
  let’s make that happen
Yang: loser circle?
  can people see what circle you have them in
 Rohini: nope
 Yang: you’re sure?
 Rohini: yup
  add me to the loser circle
  just to be sure
  (and then promptly remove me)
Yang: i did
  i’m gonna take my time removing you
Rohini: you don’t even want to know the name of the circle i just added to you
Yang: !!!!!!!
Rohini: let’s just say it starts with dirty
  and ends with *unt
our consensus: members of the loser circle are not aware of their membership.

give me a bake

my dearest rohini,

i get it.  you feel bad that you haven’t had the chance to enjoy the amazing (if i do say so myself) baking that i’ve been doing these days. well, last i checked, it takes two people living far apart to make a long-distance relationship, so please spare me your bitterness. you know you’d be my test-taster if not for the several mailing restrictions on perishable goods that stand in our way.

and for the record, i don’t buy your ” i myself am anything but talented in the kitchen.” we both know that if you could just force yourself to pour the cake batter into the pan and in the oven where it belongs and not in your mouth, you’d have some great creations of your own.

so, i’ll gladly accept your proposal but ask that you bake with me. i already have the perfect recipe in mind. we’re going to bake your favorite funfetti cupcakes from scratch (!!!). i sincerely hope you’ll rise to my challenge.

let me eat cake

if you have been on facebook and are friends with yang you have surely been witness to the website titled fortune goodies.  you may have also stumbled upon the website after Googling “adult asian films.”  either way i’m sure you are aware of yang’s second profession: baker.  if not, let me give you a sneak peek.

 original and coconut macaroons

red velvet cupcakes

mini baked donuts with chocolate ganache

cheesy cheez-its

thanks, yang.  thanks for buying a camera that would take pictures of your baked goods and make me salivate in front of my computer screen.*  oh and double thanks for the red velvet cupcakes.  they’re my favorite.  i’m sure you baked them for me…to look at.

perhaps you sense a tone of bitterness in my voice.  if not, let me spell it out for you.  i’m bitter.  as you scrolled past each of these images i’m sure that one thought crossed your mind…mmm, how can i get some?  well i have the same thought, only considering i AM the best friend of the fortune goodie maker you would think i would be fortunate enough to feast on the goods.  fate has dealt me no such fortune.  not one of these impeccably baked, decorated and photographed treats has made it past jpeg form for me.  to add to the misery, i myself am anything but talented in the kitchen.  my idea of baking is eating my roommate’s cookie dough and praying that i don’t get salmonella poisoning.  cruel, cruel world.

i know what you’re thinking.  does yang even know that you want her to bake for you?  well, i’m not one to be rude and obvious about it.  let’s take a look at some of my more subtle clues.

new game: how many m’s will rohini have to use in the word yum before yang gets a clue.

i know what your next thought might be.  yang’s pictures are popular.  a lot of people comment on them.  maybe she wasn’t paying attention to what you wrote.  true.  if only there were were a way to know when someone reads your facebook comments…

oh wait.  there is.  she knows i want her baked goods and she fucking likes it.*

i’ve had it.  a girl can only take so much and my frustration has reached its limit.  either yang bakes me a cake or i will try baking one for myself and burn my apartment down.

here’s my proposal.  i will be in d.c. next wednesday.  that is a full week’s notice to buy whatever flour, sugar and rainbow chip frosting it will take to bake me a cake as fast as she can.  can’t wait, pattycakes.  oh and in case you’re afraid yang might be baked out after making fucking cheez its…she’s not.

thank you, twitter.

friends, join me in my desperate plea.  my request is quite simple.  LET ME EAT (YOUR) CAKE.*

*that’s what s/he said

baby, you’re a firework

to kick off this weekend’s i’m-proud-to-be-an-american festivities, some friends(:-(minus rohini) and i enjoyed a fireworks show by lake anna in mineral, virginia. we too got bit by the patriotic bug (along with several other bugs), so we lit some fireworks of our own (pictured below).

invented in the 7th century by the Chinese (you’re welcome) to ward off evil spirits, fireworks have since become universally synonymous with celebration. we look forward to them at both western and eastern turns of the year, victorious ball games and my future wedding reception. even the nightly shows at the epcot center will never lose their luster. and of course, when we lean in for that first kiss, it’s ‘fireworks’ that we are looking for.

so what better way to celebrate america’s birthday than with this wonderful chinese invention?

the sound of each crackling firework is a shoutout to my heritage. rohini is hit with a similar feeling anytime she sees someone wearing a cashmere sweater.

let’s not forget a favorite rohiniandyang song that will surely be making the rounds on america’s radio stations this weekend.

in closing, i’d like to say that our hearts go out to drought-stricken americans in various parts of the country who will have to go without fireworks this year. but as katy perry shows us, fireworks are inside each and every one of us, although some chests may be more ignitable than others.

we hope everyone is having a happy fourth of july weekend. ours is happy because we are now but 10 days away from reuniting in dc.

the real deal

one of the many joys of summer break (yes, i still have a summer…be jealous) is the ability to watch hours upon hours of mindless television without feeling the slightest guilt over missing other obligations.  side note: yang currently watches the same mindless television that i do.  how she does it while working a full time job and playing martha stewart in the kitchen is a mystery to even me.  anyways, of all the mentally stimulating gems i’ve discovered on the tube my favorite category by far is the true to life brand of reality tv shows.  there’s something rather gripping about real people doing real (dumb) things in front of a camera.  anyone who tells you they don’t enjoy reality tv is a dirty liar because no one saw this jersey shore clip and didn’t laugh.

our latest reality obsession is a talent seeking competition with 4 celebrity coaches guiding amateur vocalists to become “the voice.”  what originally drew us to this show?  the sex appeal of adam levine…who knew that tattooed arms and high pitch vocals could be so attractive in a man?  but now if you ask us why we love “the voice” we’ll tell you it’s the amazing talent we’ve seen and the adorable coaching of mr. blake shelton.  wednesday night was the show’s season finale (spoiler alert) and we’re so happy for javier colon, winner of the season’s competition and father of 2 very adorable mixed children.  while we were really pulling for blake’s candidate dia frampton to win it, yang and i are still confident that dia’s unique voice will land her a sweet record deal in the near future.

“the voice” is pretty respectable as far as reality tv shows go.  the performances are entertaining, the artists can really sing and the celebrity judges are actually celebrities (a.k.a. not sharon osbourne).  nearly 12.5 million viewers tuned in tuesday night to hear the best singers from each team duke it out and yesterday’s #1 and #2 tops songs on itunes were both original numbers from the show.  yang and i are clearly not alone in our levine/shelton love nor in our fave new itune downloads.  the voice = quality tv.

quality, however, is not the word i would use to describe the some of the grade d material we used to watch.  sometime after freshman year of high school, fox put together its brightest minds to produce “paradise hotel.”  for those of you who haven’t heard of it, the basic premise of the show is to bring a group of hot, young singles together at a luxurious resort to make magic/sex/magic sex happen.  the show had an odd number of residents so at the end of each week couples paired off to occupy a room together and the last person standing was forced to leave paradise.  then, each week a new resident arrived at the hotel and tried to wedge his/her way between a couple to push some unlucky person out of their room.  the goal of the show: to stay in paradise the longest and win $250,000.  translation: make nice with the opposite sex and put out a little for a cash reward.  incidentally one of the front runners for the grand prize was also the least attractive person both in looks and personality at the hotel.  yang and i referred to him as ugly dave.  if you think we were being harsh, take a look for yourself.

i’m sad to say the show didn’t last past its first season though it did inspire the creation of israeli, danish, swedish, norwegian, dutch and hungarian versions of paradise hotel.

yang and i have definitely upped our standards since the times of paradise hotel.  but not by much.  every monday i commit 2 hours of my life to believing that the bachelor or bachelorette can find true love.  and yang may someday marry a polygamist after watching one too many episodes of sister wives.  don’t judge us please.

a series of unfortunate events

…followed by one very fortunate event: my return to rohiniandyang the blog.

here’s the deal:

recently, i’ve taken to cautiously glancing over my shoulders to make sure i’m not being followed by a group of dark and thundering clouds.  the glance is more a metaphorical glance really…my response to a very unfortunate, very bad stroke of luck that I’ve had recently.  i’d rather not go into the gory details of what exactly has happened, though the stories are pretty ridiculous (a.k.a. hilarious), so ask yang to tell you about them.  let’s just sum it up by saying something was shredded, something had to be replaced, some things were taken, some things were lost, something had to be changed, something had to be replaced again, something was canceled, some more things were lost and most of these things i’d really like to forget (or laugh about).  either way it’s not important how i got here, just that i am here.  again.  for good.

everyone has those comfort items they turn to when the going gets tough (and the tough can’t always get going).  well i’m going to list mine.  christina aguilera’s “i turn to you” is playing in the background.

1. beary – my aptly named stuffed bear from childhood is my number one cuddle buddy and greatest confidante (after yang of course).

2. the dark knight – though the film is dark and twisted, batman is my favorite superhero and this is my favorite movie.  it doesn’t hurt that yang and i share a love for christian bale.

3. rainbow chip frosting – everyone has their comfort food.  mine happens to be sugary, colorful and easy to scoop from the jar.  after 10 to 15 spoonfuls i usually feel like vomiting from sugar overdose, but until that point it’s pretty satisfying.

4. family – though phone calls home often result in more stress than anything, being home is probably one of the best feelings in the world.  home also means colorado which i’m sure you all know by now to be the best state in the union.  they didn’t call them purple mountain majesties for no reason.

5. writing – while i don’t consider myself the best writer in the world, i enjoy putting words together whether that be in a blog post, essay or persuasive email to a friend.

6. yang – who better to turn to that my #1 best friend and mate in this long distance relationship?  they say it takes a village to raise a child.  well it took a yang to raise me (and a set of parents who i love as well…happy father’s day, dad).  i don’t want to imagine where i’d be without her.

looking over this list in my current position, i feel like i have two options: sugar comatosing on my couch, spooning a stuffed bear and intently watching the dark knight, or writing about yang and our promance.  i choose rohiniandyang (though a dark knight movie date may come later this summer).  the blog is back in business.


remember myspace?

don’t you wish you didn’t?

if you’re in your early 20s (or late 40s, depending on your motive), the answer to both of these questions is probably yes, because like me, you weren’t active on myspace long, but it was long enough to catch you at your most hormonal/emotional and when you were most guilty of oversharing.

i managed to suppress this time capsule of my awkward teenage years until this morning, when a coworker mentioned the outdated social network in conversation. this sudden reminder prompted me to log in to my long dormant account. what i found wasn’t pretty and i’ve been hiding my face in my palm ever since.

there’s this for instance

one of my more controversial senior pictures. the caption reads, “this is not a slutty picture.” now that i’m older and wiser, i see this for what it is. my photographer had an asian fetish and i was his naive victim.

then there’s the long list of infinitives under my interests: “kite flying…giggling, joking, playing, kissing, loving, being.” kite flying? giggling? being? i now have barfing on the mind.

needing a break from 17-year old me, i decided to look for evidence of rohini’s past. i was disappointed but not in the least surprised that rohini, the forward thinking girl that she is, was smart enough to delete her myspace account long ago. i’m finally following in her footsteps, but not before posting a few more highlights. what can i say? i’m a nostalgic softy, even for the painfully embarrassing artifacts of my childhood.

– a few things from the long ‘about me’ section:

I believe
…friends are the greatest assets, and i am rich in true friends
…life is a song, God’s love is the music
…it is every girl’s right to be a princess
…the OC awakens the soul
…1 Corinthians 13

i used to be an avid listener of christian radio and obsessive watcher of dramatic teen television shows. i’m still guilty of the latter.

– on may 28, 2005, I quoted dr. seuss in a blog title “don’t cry because it’s over. smile because it happened.” yes, i did the unthinkable, in 575 words, i shared my first ever breakup for all to see. here’s an excerpt:

“It would be so easy for me to cry right now, but instead i think i’ll channel it into an art piece i am very pleased with. So you’ll have to excuse me.”

at least i was polite.

– high school boyfriend and i got back together the next day. i’m a little disappointed that i left the reconciliation unblogged.  BUT devout christian teen me did choose to quote a few choice words on love from a Rabbi Julius Gordon two days later.

“Love is not blind – it sees more, not less. But because it sees more, it is willing to see less.”

now that i’ve shared an abridged version of my teenage years for your amusement, i can delete my myspace account in good conscience. i’d also like to take this moment to say a few thank yous. thank you nyu for accepting me and for providing me with the email address i needed to get a facebook account. thank you mark zuckerberg for creating facebook and saving me from myself.  thank you god, adolescence is just a phase.

myspace account deleted.